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Scarred face - Sachiel by Freyarule
Scarred face - Sachiel
My makeup for Sachiel was based on a screenshot I found, where Sachiel's face has been smashed in by Eva Unit 01 after going Beserk Mode. It was fun to be creepy but not so fun to have liquid latex all over my face haha XD

Cosplay is a gijinka of Sachiel from Neon Genesis Evangelion
Debuted at Minamicon 2015
Photo taken by…
Keeping watch - Sachiel by Freyarule
Keeping watch - Sachiel
I like the photo as it emphasises the resin gem I made for the cosplay - it was my first resin casting and I'm pretty impressed!

Cosplay is a gijinka of Sachiel from Neon Genesis Evangelion
Debuted at Minamicon 2015
Photo taken by…
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So, three events have passed since my last journal, what surprise for me, wow

They all went pretty well! I shall now sum up each one in a convenient paragraph haha!

London MCM Comic Con May 2014 - White Robed Traveller
I only went on the Sunday to save on money, and I'm really glad I did! Well, to a certain extent. I still wish I had gone the weekend as I missed out on seeing so many friends ;___; there are some I haven't seen since Kitacon (but October is drawing near!) so I was glad I had the day. Although most of it was spent preparing for my performance in the masquerade. The only issue with the Sunday is if you're at the masquerade and need to be judged a lot of your day is spent on the masquerade - you have to be judged and then you get like a couple of hours before you have to come back and queue ready to take part. I moan but it is a lot of fun and I wouldn't give it up unless I really had to haha!
I got some lovely photos of my stage prop as well which I will upload soon.
I was driven in in the morning by my dad (as the statue would've been horrible on the train and tube) and was in early enough to go straight through the queueing hall, collect my day wristband and then hover inside the ExCel for the expo doors to open! I hung out around the cosplay desk talking to friends (I kinda helped out a bit on the cosplay repair desk) and then after judging, I went and had photos and video with my good friend :iconelectrospectrum:
The masquerade went a bit awry to begin with. For some reason my music file was cut off halfway through when the tech team downloaded it, so when I was onstage expecting more music to never did. It was so embarassing! Lucky the cosplay team let me perform it again, as I had a backup file on my USB (thank goodness I'm so prepared!) and the second time went very well. So well I received a Judges' Award for my costume and performance! I was well chuffed XD 

LFCC July 2014 - Amazi-girl
I've recently put up the photos by my usual partner in crime MangaGirl Photography :heart:
This event has some mixed feelings by me. I arrived too early for the standard entry queue, so had to hover with friends by the entrance XD there were so many people! Too many people! We all blamed Stan Lee for the amount of people inside the halls. It was like an oven inside and even though my costume was comfy it was still stifling and I got a bit grumpy haha. I still met up with some friends and had my photoshoot, but then when trying to find my other friends who had stalls I couldn't find them. Going up and down the stall aisles took so much time because of how crowded it was >___< luckily I found them in the end! And I hung out with them til the end of the day (which was good as I was contemplating leaving early)
However because of the massive rush I decided not to attend on the Sunday. I was going to rewear my LSP cosplay but after how frustrated Saturday was I was like Naaaah. I'd done everything I wanted to do anyway on the Saturday, so it was best to spend the Sunday working on my props for....

...Hyper Japan July 2014 - The Rain Card
Again I only attended on the Sunday of this con, though I found it so much better than LFCC in terms of space and amount of people, of which I am so grateful! I was there primarily for the European Cosplay Gathering preliminaries, which I was entering with my dear friend :iconbahamut50: who rewore her Syaoroan Li cosplay, with some added elements like a spanking new hat! I was worried how she would be during the competition as it was her first time competing in such a high standard contest, but she really did make me proud. Not only did she shine in her first acting skit, she also produced amazing parts for her costume and the judges were very impressed. Our performance went very well, there were some minor hiccups but no one really noticed, of which I am glad XD. Of course we didn't win, or I would be more like OMGOMGOMGOMG. The winners were well deserved, my good friend Nomes won the group category of which I am very proud of her. I can't wait to see what she does for the finals :D
I'm still planning to enter next ECG prelims, but this time with my boyfriend :iconneko-riddles: as we will have more times to work on costumes together and rehearse. We are also going to try out for WCS this November in our Ice Climber costumes, which I will try and repair in terms of the hammer and other little bits! :D

Speaking of boyfriend...
Life plans
The main aim of the journal is to inform of my new plans! I am moving out of my parent's house after two years from uni graduation XDD I am moving in with my boyfriend! In the last month, we found a cute little flat together, obtained said flat, and I have recently had an interview for a job of which I was then successful in obtaining! So I handed in my notice at my current job and have a few weeks of that before I move and settle down :) so we've been crazy busy buying furniture and sorting out internet...
As a result of our move and the sudden responsibilities of paying rent and bills, I am not planning to make too many cosplays next year, hence why our WCS cosplays are rewears. I am making two new ones for October Expo, and then I plan to have a lot of rewears for next year :)

Cosplay Plans:

London MCM Comic Con October 2014
~ Amazi-girl - Dumbing of Age (rewear) - 100%
~ Juniper Woods - Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies - 10%
~ Sayaka Miki - Puella Magi Madoka Magica - 10%

Hyper Japan Winter 2014 - WCS prelims
~ Nana the Ice Climber - Ice Climbers/Super Smash Bros (rewear) - 95% (some repairs to be done)


Freyarule's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
I'm Mel, more commonly known as Freyarule, my username on most communities :D

I'm not an epic artist, but I do draw when I can. Lately I've drifted from drawing and have been focusing on cosplay projects, but I do still do art now and then.

Enjoy my work :3

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Hi! No probs - the jackets were bought from eBay if I remember rightly :) from china I think. Some sellers on eBay can be dodgy, so in doubt, always check their star rating and feedback :D
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