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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 23, 2011, 6:27 AM
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Life updates

I'm in dire need of money to survive the summer :( I've been applying for jobs, but for some cash I'm starting up my art commissions again (LAWL DID I EVER CLOSE THEM LAST TIME?? 8|)

Here's the basic rundown, the prices have gone up since last time because well...I put up that list 3 years ago and I've improved :P ergo? :P

Please please please take a look and I will draw almost ANYTHING. I will draw a character from a book, film, anime, game, I will draw your OC, I will draw your fan OC with their love interest! I will draw nudity to a tasteful level (as in, no obvious nipples or anything |D)

I WILL NOT draw hentai, extreme violence, or anything that shows the character as a slave or a victim of trafficking!!!

If you're unsure if I can draw it, just note me and I'll decide :)

- I'll take payment through paypal. Please don't feel I'll take your money and run, it may take a few days but I will take this very seriously - it's money! D: So I will be emailing or posting you little WIP screenshots of how it's going :)


Very sketchy comics - £5 for inked, £3 for pencil - as in little comics, usually one panel; will be done in pencil, can be enhanced on Photoshop but still rather sketchy. You can choose not to have it enhanced and just keep the pencil sketch.
They can be any characters within my guidelines, any scenario within blahblah. You can give me the joke if you want :) can also be serious.
Examples: Phoenix Wright doodles by Freyarule :thumb109483628:

Inked chibi - £7 - Inked lineart, cleaned up in Comicworks and Photoshop. It will be a chibi of the character.

Full colour chibi - £10 - Same as above but coloured in full colour. This is only for cel shaded chibis. If you want it in my personal shading style, it will cost £12-15 depending on complexity of character.

Lineart of full body - £15 - A character posing, full body, not chibified. Only the lineart which is done in Comicworks.

Full colour character, full body in cel shaded style - £20 - A character shaded in cel shading style!
Examples: James Confection's Despair by FreyaruleJenn's Birthday 09 by FreyaruleThe Prince and the Pauper by FreyaruleSpotlight by Freyarule

PLEASE NOTE: If you want the lineart to be coloured, like in the second example, it will cost £2 more (so £17 total).

Full colour character, full body in my personal shading style - £25 - £30 depending on complexity of character - Character shaded in my personal style. Higher in price due to more time needed to work on it!

Examples: James and Albus Potter by FreyaruleKuja - VG Villains by FreyaruleLounging at the Center by FreyaruleCaught In the Act by FreyaruleThe golden days of summer by Freyarule

I will also do portraits in my personal style! As seen here, they will go for £20-25 depending on complexity.

Half-body, pose of your choice.
Examples: Merry Christmas 2010 by FreyaruleThat guy who keeps showing up by FreyaruleChocolate strawberries by Freyarule

If you would rather I can do portraits in cel shade for cheaper (probably £15-20) as you can see in the example of cel shaded above with the coloured lines (girl with blue hair)

Backgrounds - No background = £0!! :D
                               - Plain block colour - £2
                               - 2-5 colour gradient - £3
                               - Shoujo sparklyish (using sparkle brushes etc) - £5
                               - Simple locational background - £5
                               - Complex locational background (within reason OTL) - £10

Please add the prices onto the main price of the style you want :)

Extra characters - For lineart, add £2 per extra character, for coloured, add £4.

SUPER MELZI SPECIAL PACKAGE - Full body 1-2 characters, locational background, I put it up on DA as well as email you a high-res copy, and in the post you will receive the original pencil sketch. Ideal for collectors and birthday presents :D

I can also colour lineart for you!

If you have a lineart that you just cannot find the time to colour, send it to me and I'll colour it for you. After viewing the lineart I'll give you a quote :) Please bear in mind my personal shading style will cost about £5 more than cel-shading.

Examples: Collab - Shizue and Erik by FreyaruleO hai - coloured by Freyarule

OK I think that's everything! *collapses* If you can't afford anything, please please PLEEEASE advertise!! Word of mouth is the best way :)

What am I working on?

Ayacon 2011
Kanade Tachibana - Angel Beats! - 50%
Shizuo Heiwajima - Durarara! - 90%
Princess Celestia - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - 45%
Shinji Ikari - Neon Genesis Evangelion - 95%

MCM Expo October 2011
Stiltzkin - Final Fantasy IX - 100% (rewear from Kita)
Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney - 100% (rewear from aaaages ago)

Future cons
Nice - Baccano! - 0%
Amulet Diamond - Shugo Chara - 0%
Janis (opera costume) - Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva - 0%
Amano Rinoa - Final Fantasy VIII - 0%



Today's feature is of yukiscorpio
Oh, My Dear Emperor - Yzma by yukiscorpio Fear my hair - Daryan Crescend by yukiscorpioUnchain the Moon - Sigmund by yukiscorpio
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MangaGirl232 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
I'm so glad I read this cause I was thinking I wanted someone to commission a chibi drawing of my Steampunk character! If I send you the link to a photo could you do a full colour chibi drawing for her please? :D
Freyarule Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
Yaaay! Sure thing hun :D Note me the photo and what you want background wise and I'll sort out payment ;)
MangaGirl232 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
Sweet!! Thank you hun!! :D Could you please use this photo? [link]
For a background could I have blue flowery design? :) Thank you so much hun!!! :hug:
Freyarule Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011
Sending you a note! ;)
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